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  • Are you looking for solutions for personal protection?
  • Is the topic of securing solo work in your company important to you?
  • Terms such as Lone-Worker-System (LWS),
  • or personal Lone-Worker-Device (LWD) are currently on the agenda of your house?
  • Mobile objects have to be located or found?

Then you are right with us

With over 20 years of experience in sole occupational safety in accordance with BGR 139, as well as precision tracking solutions, we are
Your # 1 contact.
From required GPS / GSM modules such as mobiles, smartphones and tracking modules, to complete LWS solutions including software and 24/7 emergency call center, you get everything from one source.

You want despite

stay productive for your company and your customers?
Then secure the lone work for your company immediately with a solution from Presentec.

With a personal emergency signal system (PESS) you are fully operational within approx. 48 hours.

Or it is important to you that the distance regulations are observed. Then talk to us about our solution COVID-19 PEB-PDC-1


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Outdoor - Smartphones

In this section we show you our current portfolio of smartphones that are resistant to dirt, water and all sorts of other influences.
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To secure sole workplaces and thus protect life and limb, smartpohnes and featurephones are available in this context, which you can also operate with the aforementioned PESS, for example.