Presentec GmbH has been based in Hamburg since 2001. Since then, she has been the exclusive distributor of Finnish Benefon phones for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

When marketing Presentec GmbH, now cross-industry Presence, both in the mobile as well as in the sports and outdoor retail trade. In all areas, emphasis is placed on quality and price stability.

At Summer-ispo 2001 Maplink (later TrackLink), a software for Loading of street and maps presented for the first time. It offers u.a. the ability to scan your own maps and use them for navigation. For telematics applications were interfaces for Teleinfo and Map & Guide Locations can also be made over the Internet.

Hannover 2002 - At this year's CeBit Presentec presents a new emergency call system for everyone. With the mobile phone Benefon 'MediTrack' help can now be requested precisely via GPS. The device includes the connection to a rescue center in cooperation with the Germans Rescue Air Force (DRF) and the International SOS Call. It is manned 24/7 and provides quick and effective assistance, even by helicopter.

2003 will coincide with the production of the motion sensor developed by Presentec GmbH started for Benefon. The sensor is integrated in the battery and full of functions. The phone can now trigger a "will-independent" alarm and in case of emergency immediately contact an emergency call center / rescue center, even if the Affected person is no longer able to trigger the emergency call.

In 2004, a new technology from Presentec will be released. AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) is the solution that will soon be available to every mobile phone user will allow you to have a portable phone with emergency button, location info and navigation technology. AGPS is the evolution of GPS (Global Positioning System), a worldwide navigation system. By advancing to AGPS is a faster and more reliable Locating possible, above all, it is an improvement of positioning in inner city Areas and in vehicles.

Since 2006 Presentec GmbH has been a certified data and cooperation partner of Vodafone. The same year was broadcast on NDR in a 2 hour broadcast of the final of the Volvo Championsrace in Travemünde used a new animation technique. With the "Sportshuttle" system, the viewer has an overview at all times over the course of the race - as 3D graphics in real time. The GPS-based technique also calculates the distances and records the traveled Track for subsequent analysis.

In 2007, the "Benefon Track Pro" by the professional association for the protection of Single workplaces approved and certified.

In 2008, the subsidiary Microloxx was founded. In the same year the presentec GmbH has for the German sailor team, which at the Olympic Played in China, developed a new satellite-based measuring system for water currents. The flow direction and velocity of the water is detected simultaneously at several points This results in a high-resolution current map for the individual regatta courses via computer program.

Since 2009 Presentec has exclusive rights to distribute "Sonim Sentinel by Presentec" specifically for our customer needs has been developed.

Westerland / Sylt 2010 - At this year's kitesurfing Worldcup at Brandenburger Beach is even on the water with the new phone "Sonim XP3.2 Quest". Because that is impact-resistant, waterproof and delivered by the integrated GPS receiver every second a position to the "Sports Shuttle" server, the advanced sports tracking system which first used in 2006. On the huge screen, the audience could then LIVE pursue, like the athletes the water mastered the course.

2011 - The "Sonim XP3 Sentinel" was, as well as the "Benefon Track Pro", from the professional association certified for the protection of sole jobs.