PTrack is an application specially developed for Android mobiles.
Through this app from our company, we exploit the features and capabilities of the mobiles we offer to turn them into lone worker devices (LWD).

Together with the Personal Lone-Worker-Center (LWC) called TrackLink®, it becomes a fully-fledged Lone-Worker-System.
PTrack is available in two versions

Prack is the little brother of Prack-PNA.
The most serious difference is that it can do without a Lone-Worker-Center (LWC).

Price (on demand)


SOS-Button yes
Sensors Inactivity, inclination, (free fall / surcharge depending on the mobile)
Emergency-Number max. 4
Lone-Worker-Center necessary no
Emergency-SMS yes, at max. 4 phone numbers; Geodata
Sensor test necessary no
Alarm transmission to LWC no