TrackLink® is a long-standing in-house development of a personal lone worker center (LWC). It is continuously developed to meet the legal requirements as well as the changing world of mobiles. As for example for the lone-worker-devices from our company.
We have the following TrackLink® variants ready for you to give your company the flexibility you need...

TrackLink®-Cloud offers you the flexibility to operate your LWC where your security personnel work.

Do you want to try it out? Perfect, then start downloading here and create your personal demo user account.

from 9,50 € (net price/month/Device)


System requirements:

  1. Windows PC with 64bit System
  2. Internet access. port 80 (the web server) and port 443 (sends push messages: alarms, position updates) must be without an intermediary proxy or other packet filter ("firewall") be available. Please clarify this in advance with your IT department.