Lone-Worker-Devices called LWD for short, serve to secure sole workplaces.

It should be noted that there are two different versions of LWDs.

  1. LWDs that simply call up to four numbers in an emergency, whether mobile or landline numbers. If the call is successful, the PNG can then play a "recovery signal" with a high volume. This makes it easier for emergency personnel rushing to help to find the accident victim more quickly.
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  2. The second LWD version is a mobile device that is BG-compliant and integrated into a Lone-Worker-System (LWS). The mobile will only dial an emergency number. It is the number that is also the location of the LWS. In addition, this LWD also delivers its position in the event of an alarm.
    The alarm can only be reset by the security personnel operating the LWS.

Both LWD variants have in common:

  • Will-dependent alarm; with an SOS button.
  • Independent alarms; detects inactivity and inclination through sensors.


We offer the following mobiles as LWDs for Loneworker-Protection:

Sonim XP5+

A compact mobile from the manufacturer SONIM from the Featurephone category. It can be described as the successor to the classic XP5560.
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Sonim XP10

The latest smartphone from SONIM. With 2x SIM cards and 1x micro SD slot, it offers great flexibility.
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IS330.1 (Ex-protection)

We also have a class I explosion-proof mobile from i.Safe MOBILE in our product portfolio.
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