Yepzon Asset

Yepzon Asset is an industrial tracker for cargo and asset management. It combines high quality tracking technology with embeded collision, temperature and humidity (optional) sensors. This enables both quality assurance during transportation of goods and efficent, quick and relaible damage control saving time and money. With Yepzon Asset, companies shipping larger quantities or valuabale goods can now take asset tracking inti their own hands. Its 2G connectivity provides one of the most reliable coverages for global operations especially in the areas where Narrowband networks are not yet being set up.

165,55 €*1 (netto)
* 1+ 7,56 € /mtl (netto)


Frequences 2G



GPS GPS, GSM Cell ID triangulation


Capacatie/ Battery life 7.000mAh, shipped to customer with full charge. / 1-12 months depending on settings and usage
Rechargeble yes



Dimension 115 mm x 75 mm x 115 mm
Wight 220 gr
Sensors Temerature ±1,5°C bei -25 °C bis 85 °C; ±2°C bei -40 °C bis 125 °C / Humidity optional, IP41 chassis