Yepzon ONE

Yepzon ™ One is a GPS direction finder that was developed to secure pets, small children, seniors and objects in particular. With the user-friendly Yepzon app, you can quickly and accurately locate everything that is important to you - with one click. The Yepzon ™ One GPS direction finder works anywhere in the world where there is a GSM network. You can use it to locate both moving and static objects. There is no button on the device that can be used to switch it off accidentally. That is why the direction finder is particularly reliable.

74,79 € * (net price).

* first month FREE! Prices start at: € 3.74 (monthly fee for use in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, the USA, China and Russia *. A separate roaming purchase is required in other countries)


System requirements Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC; ≥ iOS 7.0 + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0); ≥ Android 4.3 + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) + NFC
Frequences Quad Band GSM/GPRS Modul



Bluetooth BT4.0 with BLE
NFC yes
Positionsortung GPS, GSM Cell ID, BTLE


Ccapacity 850 mAh, Li-Ion, 16 gr
Running Time On average 7-14 days, depending on the setting, up to months



Size 85 mm; 46 mm; 17 mm
Wight 46 gr
SIM M2M-SIM-OnBoard (MFF2 size standard), cannot be changed by the user
Warrenty 24 month


Enclosed accessories

Yepzon ™ ONE, quick guide, lanyard, protective cover, micro USB charging cable


Download as german PDF